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441. Part #: B5612758-LKA-BRK
Description: MOTOR 5HP 480V 1800RPM TENV CFACE BRAKE

442. Part #: B5612759-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 7.5HP 1800RPM 213TC TENV 10.7AMPS 135LBS. 1000:1 CT

443. Part #: B5612760-LKA+772
Description: MOTOR,10HP,1800 RPM,215TC,TEFC,13.5A 1000:1 CT, W/1024 PPR ENCODER

444. Part #: B5612760-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 10HP 1800RPM 215TC TEFC 13.5AMPS 185LBS. 1000:1 CT

445. Part #: B5612760-LKA-W/ENC
Description: MOTOR AC 10HP 1800RPM 215TC TEFC 13.5A 1000:1 CT W/ENCODER 1024PPR

446. Part #: B5613757-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 3HP 1200RPM 213TC TEFC 4.7AMPS 110LBS. 1000:1 CT

447. Part #: B5613758-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 5HP 1200RPM 215TC TEFC 7.7AMPS 150LBS. 1000:1 CT

448. Part #: B5652761-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 15HP 1800RPM 254TC TEFC 20.0AMPS 210LBS. 1000:1 CT

449. Part #: B5652761-LKA-F2
Description: MOTOR, AC 15HP, 230/460V, 1800RPM, TENV, 254TC, 2000:1, F2 OPTION

450. Part #: B5652762-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 20HP 1800RPM 256TC TEFC 27.0AMPS 360LBS. 1000:1 CT

451. Part #: B5653759-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 7.5HP 1200RPM 254TC TEFC 11.0AMPS 190LBS. 1000:1 CT

452. Part #: B5653760-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 10HP 1200RPM 256TC TEFC 14.2AMPS 205LBS. 1000:1 CT

453. Part #: B5682763-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 25HP 1800RPM 284TC TEFC 32.5AMPS 438LBS. 1000:1 CT

454. Part #: B6541754-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 1HP 3600RPM 143T TEFC AMPS 59LBS. 1000:1 CT

455. Part #: B6541756-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 2HP 3600RPM 145T TEFC AMPS 68LBS. 1000:1 CT

456. Part #: B6542754-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 1HP 1800RPM 143TC TEFC 1.5AMPS 59LBS. 1000:1 CT

457. Part #: B6542756-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 2HP 1800RPM 145TC TEFC 3AMPS 68LBS. 1000:1 CT

458. Part #: B6543754-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 1HP 1200RPM 145T TEFC 1.65AMPS 68LBS. 1000:1 CT

459. Part #: B6581757-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 3HP 3600RPM 182T TEFC AMPS 112LBS. 1000:1 CT

460. Part #: B6582757-LKA
Description: MOTOR AC 3HP 1800RPM 182TC TEFC 3.9AMPS 112LBS. 1000:1 CT