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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 59 of 236
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1161. Part #: D71CB
Description: DP SZ1 208-460V 3P 60HZ CTR N1

1162. Part #: D72CA
Description: DP SZ2 208-460V 3P 60HZ OPEN

1163. Part #: D72CB
Description: DP SZ2 208-460V 3P 60HZ N1

1164. Part #: D73CC
Description: DEF PURP SZ 3 208-460V 3P 60HZ NEMA 12

1165. Part #: D73CP
Description: DEF PURP SZ 3 208-460V 3P 60HZ PNL

1166. Part #: D74CP
Description: DEF PURP SZ 4 208-460V 3P 60HZ PNL

1167. Part #: D75CP
Description: DEF PURP SZ 5 208-460V 3P 60HZ PNL

1168. Part #: D80CA
Description: DP SZ0 208-575V 3P 60HZ OPEN

1169. Part #: D81CA
Description: DP SZ1 208-575V 3P 60HZ OPEN

1170. Part #: D82CA
Description: DP SZ2 208-575V 3P 60HZ OPEN

1171. Part #: D90CA
Description: DP SZ0 220-415V 3P 50HZ OPEN

1172. Part #: D91CA
Description: DP SZ1 220-415V 3P 50HZ OPEN

1173. Part #: D92CA
Description: DP SZ2 220-415V 3P 50HZ OPEN

1174. Part #: DBSC102-AAAW
Description: MOTOR -1 REPLACED W DBSC102-GAAW-1 3LBS

1175. Part #: DBSC107-GAAW
Description: MOTOR -2 230V 7A SERVO W WIN SOFT 6LBS

1176. Part #: DBSC1105-GAA
Description: MOTOR W DIG BL. SERVO CTRL,110-250V,1PH,5A 14LBS

1177. Part #: DBSC1110-GAA
Description: MOTOR W 230V,10A SERVO W P,DIR,WIN SW 13LBS

1178. Part #: DBSC1115-GAA
Description: MOTOR W 230V 15A SERVO W P DIR WIN SW 14LBS

1179. Part #: DBSC2025-GAA
Description: MOTOR W 230V 25A SERVO W O P.S. W P&DR WIN 24LBS

1180. Part #: DBSC2035-GAA
Description: MOTOR W 230V 35A SERVO W O P.S.W P& DIR WIN 26LBS