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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 66 of 236
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1301. Part #: ECP44252T-4
Description: 250HP,3545RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TS,18120M, TEFC

1302. Part #: ECP44256T-4
Description: 250HP,1180RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18164M, TEFC

1303. Part #: ECP44256TR-4
Description: 250HP/1180RPM/3PH/CHEM PROC/SUPER-E

1304. Part #: ECP44302T-23
Description: AC MOTOR 300HP 3600RPM 3PH TEFC

1305. Part #: ECP44302T-4
Description: 300HP,3560RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TS,18132M, TEFC

1306. Part #: ECP44304T-23
Description: AC MOTOR 300HP 1785RPM 3PH TEFC

1307. Part #: ECP44304T-4
Description: 300HP,1785RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18160M, TEFC

1308. Part #: ECP44304TR-4
Description: 300HP,1785RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18160M, TEFC

1309. Part #: ECP44306T-4
Description: 300HP,1185RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18188M, TEFC

1310. Part #: ECP44306TR-4
Description: 300HP,1185RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18188M, TEFC

1311. Part #: ECP44352T-23
Description: AC MOTOR 350HP 3600RPM 3PH TEFC

1312. Part #: ECP44352T-4
Description: 350HP,3560RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TS,18148M, TEFC

1313. Part #: ECP44354T-4
Description: 350HP,1785RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18168M, TEFC

1314. Part #: ECP44354TR-4
Description: MOTOR 350HP 1785RPM 3PH TEFC SUPER-E 449T 2725LBS

1315. Part #: ECP44402T-4
Description: 400HP,3545RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TS,18160M, TEFC

1316. Part #: ECP44404T-4
Description: 400HP,1780RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18180M, TEFC

1317. Part #: ECP44404TR-4
Description: 400HP,1780RPM,3PH,60HZ,449TY,18180M, TEFC

1318. Part #: ECP50252S-23
Description: MOTOR 41 250HP 3750RPM 3PH CHEM PROC SUPER-E 4567LBS

1319. Part #: ECP50252S-2341
Description: 250HP,3580RPM,3PH,60HZ,5007S,20109M, TEFC

1320. Part #: ECP50254L-23
Description: MOTOR 41 250-250HP 1790-1790RPM 3PH TEFC 3792LBS