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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 95 of 236
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1881. Part #: FLT4280
Description: BLOWER FILTER

1882. Part #: FLT6320-400
Description: BLOWER FILTER

1883. Part #: FLT6400
Description: FILTER

1884. Part #: FLT8500
Description: BLOWER FILTER

1885. Part #: FM2513T-8
Description: 15HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,254T,3750M, OPEN,F2

1886. Part #: FM2513T
Description: 15HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,254T,3752M, OPSB,F2

1887. Part #: FM2515T*
Description: MOTOR 20HP 1760RPM 3PH OPSB NEMA 256T 192LBS

1888. Part #: FM2515T-8
Description: 20HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,256T,3930M, OPSB,F2

1889. Part #: FM2515T
Description: 20HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,256T,3936M, OPSB,F2

1890. Part #: FM2531T-8
Description: MOTOR 25HP 1760RPM 3PH OPSB 284T F-2 270LBS

1891. Part #: FM2531T
Description: 25HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,284T,3942M, OPSB,F2

1892. Part #: FM2535T
Description: 30HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,286T,3952M, OPSB,F2

1893. Part #: FM2539T-8
Description: 40HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,324T,4044M, OPSB,F2

1894. Part #: FM2539T
Description: 40HP,1770RPM,3PH,60HZ,324T,4052M, OPSB,F2

1895. Part #: FM2543T*
Description: MOTOR 50HP 1760RPM 3PH OPEN NEMA 326T F-2 458LBS

1896. Part #: FM2543T
Description: 50HP,1765RPM,3PH,60HZ,326T,4060M, OPSB,F2

1897. Part #: FM3108-8
Description: MOTOR .5HP 1725RPM 3PH OPEN NEMA 56 F-2 22LBS

1898. Part #: FM3108
Description: MOTOR .5HP 1725RPM 3PH OPEN NEMA 56 F-2 22LBS

1899. Part #: FM3112-8
Description: .75HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3420M, OPEN,F2

1900. Part #: FM3112
Description: MOTOR .75HP 1725RPM 3PH OPEN NEMA 56 F-2 25LBS