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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 96 of 236
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1901. Part #: FM3116T*
Description: MOTOR 1HP 1725RPM 3PH NEMA 143T F-2 30LBS

1902. Part #: FM3116T-8
Description: 1HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3424M, OPEN,F2

1903. Part #: FM3116T
Description: MOTOR 1HP 1725RPM 3PH OPSB NEMA 143T F-2 33LBS

1904. Part #: FM3154T*
Description: MOTOR 1.5HP 1725RPM 3PH OPEN NEMA 145T F2 34LBS

1905. Part #: FM3154T-8
Description: 1.5HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,145T,3520M, OPEN

1906. Part #: FM3154T
Description: MOTOR 1.5HP 1740RPM 3PH OPSB NEMA 145T 41LBS

1907. Part #: FM3157T-8
Description: 2HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3524M, OPEN,F2

1908. Part #: FM3157T
Description: MOTOR 2HP 1725RPM 3PH OPSB NEMA 145T F-2 45LBS

1909. Part #: FM3211T-8
Description: 3HP, 1725RPM, OPEN, 4 PL

1910. Part #: FM3211T
Description: 3HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,182T,3540M, OPSB,F2

1911. Part #: FM3218T-8
Description: 5HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,184T,3625M, OPSB,F2

1912. Part #: FM3218T
Description: 5HP,1750RPM,3PH,60HZ,184T,3628M, OPSB,F2

1913. Part #: FM3311T-8
Description: 7.5HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,213T,3726M, OPEN

1914. Part #: FM3311T
Description: 7.5HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,213T,3729M, OPSB

1915. Part #: FM3313T-8
Description: 10HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,215T,3729M, OPEN,F2

1916. Part #: FM3313T
Description: 10HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,215T,3738M, OPSB,F2

1917. Part #: FM3558T
Description: 2HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,145T,3528M, TEFC,F2

1918. Part #: FM3611T
Description: 3HP,1750RPM,3PH,60HZ,182T,3628M, TEFC,F2

1919. Part #: FM3615T
Description: 5HP,1750RPM,3PH,60HZ,184T,3634M, TEFC,F2

1920. Part #: FM3710T
Description: 7.5HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,213T,3735M, TEFC