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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 142 of 236
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2821. Part #: L3619T
Description: AC MOTOR 3HP 1725RPM 1PH TEFC

2822. Part #: L3619TM
Description: AC MOTOR 3HP 1725RPM 1PH TEFC

2823. Part #: L3701
Description: AC MOTOR 1-1/2HP 1140RPM 1PH TEFC

2824. Part #: L3702
Description: AC MOTOR 2HP 1725RPM 1PH TEFC

2825. Part #: L3703
Description: 2HP,1140RPM,1PH,60HZ,215,3735LC, TEFC,F1

2826. Part #: L3705
Description: 3HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,215,3735LC, TEFC,F1

2827. Part #: L3706
Description: 3HP,1140RPM,1PH,60HZ,215,3744LC, TEFC,F1

2828. Part #: L3707
Description: AC MOTOR 5HP 3450RPM 1PH TEFC

2829. Part #: L3708
Description: 5HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,215,3744LC, TEFC,F1

2830. Part #: L3708T-50
Description: 5HP,1425RPM,1PH,50HZ,213T,3744LC, TEFC,F1

2831. Part #: L3708T
Description: 5HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,213T,3735LC, TEFC,F1

2832. Part #: L3708TM
Description: 5HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,213T,3744LC, TEFC,F1

2833. Part #: L3709T
Description: 7.5HP,3450RPM,1PH,60HZ,213T,3735LC, TEFC

2834. Part #: L3710T
Description: 7.5HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,215T,3744LC, TEFC

2835. Part #: L3711T
Description: 10HP,3450RPM,1PH,60HZ,215T,3744LC, TEFC

2836. Part #: L3712T
Description: 10HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,215T,3750LC, TEFC

2837. Part #: L4003A
Description: .25HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,48,X3411L, XPFC,F1

2838. Part #: L4005A
Description: .33HP,3450RPM,1PH,60HZ,48,X3413L, XPFC,F1

2839. Part #: L4006A
Description: .33HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,48,X3414L, XPFC,F1

2840. Part #: L4009A
Description: .5HP,1725RPM,1PH,60HZ,48,X3424L, XPFC,F1