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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 183 of 236
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3641. Part #: M8003T
Description: 1HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,0518M, TEFC,F1

3642. Part #: M8004T
Description: 1.5HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,145T,0524M, TEFC

3643. Part #: M8005T
Description: 2HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,145T,0528M, TEFC,F1

3644. Part #: M8006T
Description: 3HP,1750RPM,3PH,60HZ,182T,0628M, TEFC,F1

3645. Part #: M8007T*
Description: MOTOR 5HP 1725RPM 3PH TEFC NEMA 184T 110LBS

3646. Part #: M8007T
Description: 5HP,1750RPM,3PH,60HZ,184T,0638M, TEFC,F1

3647. Part #: M8008T
Description: 7.5HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,213T,0735M, TEFC

3648. Part #: M8009T*
Description: MOTOR 10HP 1725RPM 3PH TEFC NEMA 215T 196LBS

3649. Part #: M8009T
Description: 10HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,215T,0740M, TEFC,F1

3650. Part #: M8010T
Description: 15HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,254T,0756M, TEFC,F1

3651. Part #: M8014T*
Description: MOTOR 20HP 1760RPM 3PH TEFC NEMA 256T 291LBS

3652. Part #: M8014T
Description: 20HP,1760RPM,3PH,60HZ,256T,0938M, TEFC,F1

3653. Part #: MA7-008-CA
Description: M CTL 8A 208-460V 3P 60HZ OPEN

3654. Part #: MA7-016-BC
Description: MOTOR M-CNTRL 208-460V,NONCOM,N12,RQ,FLA 23LBS

3655. Part #: MA7-016-CA
Description: M CTL 16A 208-460V 3P 60HZ OPEN

3656. Part #: MA7-030-BC
Description: M 30A 208-460V 3P 60HZ STR NEMA 12

3657. Part #: MA7-030-CA
Description: M CTL 30A 208-460V 3P 60HZ OPEN

3658. Part #: MA7-055-AC
Description: M SZ 055 208-460V 3P 60HZ COMB ST MTR CK

3659. Part #: MA7-055-BC
Description: M 55A 208-460V 3P 60HZ STR NEMA 12

3660. Part #: MA7-055-CC
Description: M CTL 55A 208-460V 3P 60HZ NEMA 12