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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 236 of 236
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4701. Part #: ZD18H250V-MO
Description: MOTOR AC VECTOR,50HP,230V,18H,OPEN,DYN 99LBS

4702. Part #: ZD18H4150V-E
Description: MOTOR O 150HP,460V,VECT.DR, HARMINZED 195LBS

4703. Part #: ZD18H5150V-E
Description: MOTOR O 150HP,575V,18H,1,DYN VECTOR 195LBS

4704. Part #: ZDM3582
Description: AC MOTOR 1HP 1150RPM 3PH TEBC

4705. Part #: ZDM4104T-5
Description: MOTOR 30HP 1780RPM 3PH VECTOR SUPER-E 437LBS

4706. Part #: ZDM4316T-5
Description: MOTOR 75HP 1780RPM 3PH TEBC SUPER-E 365TC 889LBS

4707. Part #: ZDM4403TS
Description: AC MOTOR 60HP 1160RPM 3PH TEBC

4708. Part #: ZDM4404TS
Description: AC MOTOR 75HP 1160RPM 3PH TEBC

4709. Part #: ZDM4406TS-4
Description: AC MOTOR 150HP 1780RPM 3PH TEBC

4710. Part #: ZDM4407TS-4
Description: AC MOTOR 200HP 1780RPM 3PH TEBC

4711. Part #: ZDM4409TS
Description: AC MOTOR 100HP 1160RPM 3PH TEBC

4712. Part #: ZDM4410TS-4
Description: AC MOTOR 125HP 1780RPM 3PH TEBC

4713. Part #: ZDMM3534T
Description: MOTOR