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POWER MODULE from EUPEC INC Page 23 of 35
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441. Part #: TD92N12KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 92A 1200V SCR-DIODE

442. Part #: TD92N14/20KOF
Description: PMOD 92A 1400/2000V SCR-DIODE

443. Part #: TD92N14KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 92A 1400V SCR-DIODE

444. Part #: TD92N16/25KOF
Description: PMOD 92A 1600/2500V SCR-DIODE

445. Part #: TD92N16KOF-A
Description: POWER MODULE 92A 1600V SCR-DIODE CA

446. Part #: TD92N16KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 92A 1600V SCR-DIODE

447. Part #: TD95N12KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 95A 1200V SCR-DIODE

448. Part #: TDB2HKF70N16KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 70A 1600V HYBRID CC

449. Part #: TDB6HK110N16KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 110A 1600V HYBRID CC

450. Part #: TDW3H115N12LOF
Description: PMOD 115A 1200V 3-PH AC SWIT 1/2CTL

451. Part #: TDW3H115N16LOF
Description: PMOD 115A 1600V 3-PH AC SWIT 1/2CTL

452. Part #: TT101F10KEC
Description: PMOD 101A 1000V TQ=20 DUAL-SCR

453. Part #: TT101F10KFC
Description: PMOD 101A 1000V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR

454. Part #: TT101F10KSC
Description: PMOD 101A 1000V TQ=18 DUAL-SCR

455. Part #: TT101F12KEC
Description: PMOD 101A 1200V TQ=20 DUAL-SCR

456. Part #: TT101F12KFC
Description: PMOD 101A 1200V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR

457. Part #: TT101F12KSC
Description: PMOD 101A 1200V TQ=18 DUAL-SCR

458. Part #: TT101F13KFC
Description: PMOD 101A 1300V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR

459. Part #: TT101F14KEC
Description: PMOD 101A 1400V TQ=20 DUAL-SCR

460. Part #: TT101F14KFC
Description: PMOD 101A 1400V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR